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last revised 21APR08.
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Some incredible changes are taking place for this site. We're proud to be growing in popularity steadily again. We also continue to dislike not finding information important to us (and you) anywhere else on the Internet. We're developing ProSite in response which will transition to MORE of what Dinarius does, not change it. Read more below...

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GOODMP3 fills you in on how to see just who's looking right that second. Get smart about your visitors for potential ad space and be totally nosey seeing who's looking from where here. GOODMP3 walks you through Everest Home Edition on multiple computers in the field. Find out exactly what drivers are needed when no disk is provided and how your RAM is doing second-by-second here. GOODMP3 works to get you PUMPED UP for starting database experimentation. Database discussion works to catch you up to 1995 technology if you've since been afraid to start. We tell you how... Here.
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What will be the new Homepage's appearance. Wouldn't it be great if redesigning websites were instantaneous? You think it, silicon just poops it out. We have to acknowledge that we've been missing in action for quite some time. To the left is a little screen shot of our coming efforts. It's consuming almost 100% of our writing resources.

No one is so impressed by our redesign as we are and no one is looking forward to a faster, better behaved site and homepage than you are. So we're going to meet in the middle. You love news, you have Headlines or Above The Fold, we love mumbling on about computer repair details, we have The Blog, or /commentable. We love following the news, Third Camp style - but more than that, we love Computers and Technology. The time has come to chase our love without following anybody. The time has come to become a monthly literature site that peers closely at the details we love so much and find nothing about anywhere else.

The amount of preparation involved in setting this next step up is incredible, even for us. HTML, XML, RSS, CSS, PHP, databases, Forms, and codes we've never dealt with before; all through a remarkably clean and easy Homepage interface. You'll get your Feedroll, Above The Fold, Blog, GOODMP3 - you won't miss a thing. Our push to break and make news rather than follow it will take some more time to unkink and roll-out. So thanks for your patience and growing support and readership; we're hoping to reward you soon with content, professional content, you won't find anywhere else! Regards - Bryan Applegate, writer, editor, tutor: Dinarius, Inc.

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