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Enter the Ninja.
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iPhone pic (28K) BRYAN'S HANDS TOUCH YOU through an Apple iPhone showing you what some of the eye-candy features are and what some of the current drawbacks are. For new iPhone users, there's a few tips which Apple calls Finger Tips (haha) that might make your iPhone experience better. 48.5MB 12.5mins WMVformat Leave Comments or ask extra questions at The Blog Entry. Grab this video by Saving this. And join the Forum while you're at it. We can help you fix computer problems.
iPhone ss (39K)
Every week, month and year has its trends in Computer News. Interestingly enough to us, Computer and Internet usage is in Legal News more recently. It's happened before with music downloads and the RIAA's prosecution of 12 year olds and grandmothers, but more recently, what you keep on your hard drive stands a better chance of getting you busted. Law makers are the last to understand technology. What we use everyday is governed by laws that weren't made with modern technology in mind. The regularity and prominence of technology in our lives as we travel and work and play is unprecidented and The Law is just touching the fringes and we're beginning to see potential crossroads where law collides with modern technology and computer users. More fun is the role that computers can take in making you RICH! Do you have good ideas? Do you think other people think so too? Enter the Ninja; Information Ninja, that is. If you use your free time for research and/or are a trivia whiz, then let's whack away at some money-making institutions like the Stock Market and making a site where members drive the content. Any reason not to? Surf happy, surf safe.
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Google Generation Stinks.
GOODMP3 learns you how to know the best antivirus. Antivirus protection is a must these days and there are favorites but there's always a BEST and we tell you how to find it. Here. GOODMP3 shows you super pi, it's goods and bads. Underground benchmark Super Pi tests processor output but with dual and quad cores, is Super Pi dead? Here. GOODMP3 examines all these ONE computers, Gateway, DELL.... There can be only one, One. GoodMP3 wishfully reviews THREE One's to determine which One is Thee One.
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YOUCH! Just prior to publishing this index page, we informed you that Rick of The Pirate Party in Sweden unwisely stepped on a limb with talk that comes from someone who's pretty much alone out there. His manifesto about continuing to offer movies and music free and illegally was a slap in the face of the establishment. We suspected that this would accomplish two things: 1. alienate him more and, 2. result in a fierce reply more angry than the first year of warnings The Pirate Bay had received. Today, Swedish procecutors (who Rick declared incapable and mostly willing to abide by the people's desires) dumped more than 4,000 legal documents (source) on The Pirate Bay. This sudden need to look over the arguments of incapable lawers might keep Rick busy for a while and will certainly not promote him to martyr status that it seemed he's hoped for.
Yesterdays' advice to Rick that came too late.


If you've heard of watching TV on the Internet, there's a good chance that you've heard of the founder of all this, Joost (like: juiced). It was first, it was hot, and now all the employees are looking for second jobs! So what gives? Janko Roettgers gives FIVE pointers to JOOST. We're all so helpful on the Internet!


Good news for our attempts to predict the future of things! Apple is designing an Ultra Portable PC which we chirped about a year ago, Google continue Grand Prix development of Mobile Applications despite a market wide slump and we just might get to claim clairvoyance! Today's mesh of forward slashing mergers, designs, announcements and acquisitions is making us just ticklish as hell. The band plays on while the ship sinks - can we dance?
This may seem a little confusing, but some of our customers read Forbes and Kiplingers; so we're taking a short-term stab at trend and market calling. It wouldn't kill you to put your two cents in either!
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February 6th and 7th will find some of the most brilliant brains today gathered at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. If I can get tickets, I'm there. Big question, in this inaugural conference is, of course, all about the confluence of Wall Street and Web 2.0. Rough timing if you've seen the hundred dollar drop in GOOG alone. More.

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